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Medical certificate for kindergarten and school

Almost all parents notice that the first years of their baby fly very quickly and quietly. Already at 1.5 years old you can go to the garden, and at 6-7 years old the child must go to school. In addition to pleasant memories, for parents this time is quite hectic. One of the issues that needs to be addressed is the preparation of a medical certificate for a kindergarten or school. This document is a medical card, which contains all the data on the health status of the little man. In addition, the results of analyzes and examinations are supported there, as well as conclusions on the results of examinations by specialized doctors. In addition, the card should contain information about possible allergies and diseases that the child suffered.

When is a certificate required?

Officially, this certificate is called a medical card form No. 026 / y-2000. Without it, parents will not be able to arrange a child in a garden or school. The document is stored in the educational institution as long as the child is there. As in an adult medical record, information about vaccinations and illnesses is stored there.

Clearance procedure

To get such a card you need to go through a series of examinations. It is issued in a children's clinic, to which the baby is attached. This procedure is free. If parents decided to go to private clinics, then in this case they will have to pay for medical services. It is worth paying attention to whether such an organization has a license to issue a certificate.

In order to start issuing a certificate, you need to visit a pediatrician. After the initial examination, the doctor should refer the child to specialized specialists: a surgeon, a dentist, an oculist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, and Laura. If the card is drawn up for the girl, then she will need to undergo a examination by a gynecologist, if the boy is examined by a urologist. In addition, applying for a school card requires a visit to an orthopedic traumatologist.

In addition to the above doctors, the child must pass a standard set of tests: a blood test, urine test, a blood test for blood sugar levels, and a stool test for worms eggs. To do this, the doctor must issue a referral. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the test results are valid for only 3 months. If parents with a child do not have time to go through all the specialists during this time, the tests will have to be submitted again.

Making a child in the first class, you must also conduct an ultrasound examination of the heart, thyroid, abdominal organs and the reproductive system, as well as an electrocardiography.

To conduct the examination, parents must have with them an identity document and a document that confirms that they are the parents of the baby. In addition, on the day of visiting the medical institution, they will need to write a statement addressed to the head of the clinic. If a decision has been made to issue a certificate at a state polyclinic, you should check the availability of a compulsory medical insurance policy. It is also important to make sure that the child is attached to the chosen medical institution.

The whole procedure most often takes no more than a month. Based on the results of the examination, the pediatrician draws up a medical card of form 026 / у-2000, establishes a health group and a group for physical education. In addition, he must draw up a vaccination plan. Upon receipt of this document, parents must verify the signature of the head of the department and the clinic's seal.

It is important to take this issue with complete seriousness and undergo a full examination.

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