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Scientists say youth can be extended

Not so long ago, new information appeared in the media. It turns out that the scientists of one of the Scottish research centers presented shocking facts about the aging mechanism and the way to prolong life.

It turns out that life expectancy directly depends on caloric intake. So, researchers at Aberdeen University of Scotland suggested that it is a small calorie intake that keeps the body in good shape, accelerates cell renewal, and prevents the appearance of cancer cells. According to them, it is this kind of food that allows reducing the risk of early mortality in overweight people by almost 20%.

The most useful in this regard are the programs with the reduction of fats, sugars and refined products.

According to scientists, research is still ongoing. These are only the primary results. For the purpose of experts - to determine whether the style and preferences in food affect the risk of developing cardiac pathology and oncological processes. They plan to prove that by normalizing the diet they will be able to defeat these terrible ailments. Also, it was not possible to fully determine whether there is a positive trend while simultaneously including a number of dosed physical exercises in weight loss programs.

Drug effects on life expectancy

But this kind of research is not one of a kind. In parallel, calculations are being made on the effect of drugs on the duration and quality of life. One of the latest amazing news is Metformin’s influence on humans.

Scientists have suggested that one of the main methods of diabetes treatment can extend the existence of up to 120 years. And this is at least. This theory was put forward by scientists at a medical institute in Britain. They received official permission for this kind of study and got down to it.

The tests have already begun. A tablet preparation is given to a healthy person in order to study its effect on the duration and quality of life. According to the assumptions, the medication should have a beneficial effect on the elements of the nervous structures, preventing the development and rapid progression of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Several preliminary independent studies have already been carried out. Their results were stunning. The medicine undoubtedly increases life expectancy, minimizing the risks of developing serious ailments.

New studies on human drugs are led by Professor Gordon Lithgow of the Institute for Research on Aging. According to him, slowing down the aging process will certainly slow down the ailments and lesions associated with it. This will definitely be a revolution in medicine, turning all ideas about the approaches of therapy.

What is the reason

Why exactly Metformin? According to the results of decades of use of the medicine, doctors and scientists came to the conclusion that the medicine significantly increases the number of oxygen molecules that enter the cellular elements. This significantly increases the duration of their functioning, protects against mutations.

Scientists from Britain have proved the beneficial effect of the drug on the well-being of patients. They first noted that patients with diabetes taking this medicine live an order of magnitude longer than their “unfortunate colleagues” who take other drugs. And this despite the fact that this category of the population does not live long, due to the presence of serious problems with the heart and kidneys.

According to forecasts, a new study in this direction should start in the middle of winter in the USA, having received the name Targeting Ageing With Metformin (TAME). Today it is known for certain that scientists from all over the world are intensively preparing for large-scale trials. Intensive fundraising is underway, the search for 3 thousand voluntary subjects aged 70-80 years.

Gene theory

A team of researchers led by Brian Kennedy of the Buck Institute for Aging Research has identified 238 gene elements that shut off significantly extend the life of the yeast in the laboratory. Many of them are present in man. The most effective technique was to disable the LOS1 gene. After the procedure, individuals still lived about 60% longer than ordinary ones. Until that time, it was believed that this gene was solely responsible for the synthesis of protein elements.

Intellectual level

In another direction, employees of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development are working. More recently, they reported that, on average, the life expectancy of people with higher education is 8-10 years longer than the existence of people with secondary specialized education. Studies were conducted exclusively on the stronger sex.

Coffee - Elixir of Youth

According to the latest data from American doctors, several cups of coffee minimize the risk of death from heart ailments, diabetes, damage to the nervous structures and suicide.

The data provided after a detailed assessment of the 3 largest research programs that are currently being conducted independently of each other in the United States. Over the years of research, far fewer coffee consumers have died than people who prefer tea.

Such studies allow us to reveal new aspects of the aging process, to learn to control and regulate the speed and intensity of its onset.

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