In other sources, you can find such names: edible mushroom, thyroid, corymbose, thorny, forest, podabrikosovik, sapwood and sake.

The description of the entoloma is very similar to other forest mushrooms. The hat of this variety of mushrooms grows to 11 cm. When the plant is young, it has the shape of a bell-conical (convex). Every year it slowly acquires a convex-concave. It is rare when you can see tubercles on a hat. When rain falls on it, the surface becomes sticky, and in dry weather - silky. The edges of the cap are uneven, wavy, often with small cracks, and it itself is squeezed. Color can vary from light gray to dark brown.

In youth, the entoloma is whitish, then a pink hue is added, and by age it becomes saturated red. The leg is white, but sometimes it can be found with a pinkish or grayish tint. No stakes on legs. When cut, you can notice a dense fibrous structure. Gives pink spores.

Entoloma poisonous

There are several varieties of this fungus. The fibers of each of them contain strong toxic and toxic substances. But throughout history, isolated cases of fatal poisoning have been recorded. As a rule, a severe headache appears, and then significant digestive disorders. After nine hours, abdominal cramps and stool disorders may appear. If the degree of poisoning is high, then vomiting begins, which in turn causes dehydration.

If a person has been diagnosed with fungal poisoning, then he is immediately sent to a toxicological hospital. In severe cases, blood is transfused, and hemodialysis is performed. Doctors explain this by the fact that the toxic substances that make up the pulp immediately begin to react with blood proteins. They can not always be quickly eliminated with the help of specific antidotes.

If you notice signs of mushroom poisoning, then immediately call an ambulance team, since the first thing you need to restore the water balance in the body.

The poisonous entoloma can be found in the garden, park walking zone and in young deciduous forests.

Is it possible to eat garden entoloma?

The fungus entoloma garden belongs to the category of conditionally edible. Before cooking, they must be thoroughly processed thermally, that is, boil. Cook for at least half an hour. Only after this you can start cooking.


The variety of these mushrooms is quite large, we will consider the most common in our country:

  1. Felted. The hat is velvety or absolutely smooth. The color is gray, but sometimes with a brown tint. Has a short leg.
  2. Collectable. The hat has a conical shape, convex to old age. In the center you can see small shiny scales. The leg expands at the base, the length can reach 9 cm.
  3. Pewter. The color is grayish-brown, the flesh is white and shiny. When cut, the color does not change.
  4. Eccentric. The color is light brown. The surface is smooth, in rare cases you can find velvety.
  5. Forest. The hat is white-brown.
  6. Gray-haired. The cap is hemispherical, in the center covered with scales. The color is olive green.
  7. Abandoned.
  8. Poisonous.
  9. Spring. Sharp-conical in shape and with a tubercle in the center. The pulp is white and without a rich taste. When air enters, the color does not change.

The energy value of entoloma

This product is on the low-calorie list - 26 kcal per 100g.

BJU entoloma
Squirrels2.8 g
Carbohydrates1.9 g
Fats0.7 g


Since entolomes are part of the group of conditionally edible products, one must remember that before cooking you must prepare them.

To begin, rinse several times under cold running water. Try to wash away all the dirt from them. Then, boil them for about half an hour. Thus, all toxic and poisonous substances will come out of them. Only then can you start cooking.

Warm mushroom salad with tomatoes

It is better if you have a mushroom assortment of forest mushrooms, but if not, then you can cook only with sublinguals. We cut them medium and one size. Dip in boiling water, pre-salt it, and boil for five minutes. We put in a colander so that all excess water is gone.

At this time, cut the red onion into small half rings, and the green onion with small cubes. Cherry tomatoes are ideal for a salad, but if there are none, then you can take ordinary ones and cut into four parts.

Remember that we are preparing a warm salad, so we do everything before serving. Pour olive oil into the pan, heat and add half rings of red onion and finely chopped garlic. Frying it all for half a minute, add the mushrooms. We increase the fire and fry for 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Add chopped tomatoes and green onions to the pan. Stew for another 3-4 minutes.

For taste, you can add different spices and lemon juice. When serving, sprinkle with parsley.

Delicious light Italian style soup with hemp and chicken

It will take you an hour and a half to make such a soup. First, we cook chicken broth. Pour chicken breast with 2 liters of water. Cook for 50 minutes on low heat and constantly remove the foam. We take out the breast and cut into small pieces.

Coarsely chopped mushrooms. Chop the onion too large enough. We heat the pan, add 20-25 g of olive oil and fry the onions. Once it becomes soft, add our mushrooms. We fry all this for about half an hour, while constantly stirring. You can add fresh thyme and dry dill. After half an hour, add ⅓ cup of cognac to the pan. Cook until brandy evaporates. After turning off and let cool.

Add the prepared mushrooms and chopped breast to the hot broth. Salt, pepper to taste. Before serving, add sour cream (you can cream) and sprinkle with herbs.

Before preparing meals, it is very important to carefully prepare the mushrooms to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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